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Got any Afrin laying around? If you need a mental boost, while also clearing up those clogged nasal passages, snort some Afrin. Yes, snort some Afrin! When you think of snorting anything, cocaine usually rings a bell, maybe even wasabi. But Afrin, how often do you hear of people snorting that?

Research  has shown that millions of Americans suffering from mild allergies, depend on Afrin to get through the daily grind.  Related research also shows that cocaine addicts rely on Afrin to give their sinuses some relief after a long night of “skiing on the slopes” The correlation is unexpected, but the addiction behavior is very similar. Take a look at the photo to the top right. This is directly from their advertisements. The ad portrays  “real people” that’s are desperate for an answer. So what?

The product description of Afrin fails to notify you of its addictiveness. Afrin users will tell you that they can not live without the product. Well, neither can cocaine addicts! The nasal decongestant also acts as a stimulant. Everyone user knows this, but no mom will admit that it does. Do you think the kids will admit it? Hell no, they dig that shit!

Choosy mom’s choose Jiff, others choose Afrin

It’s no wonder so many kids are diagnosed with ADHD. There may be a correlation between hyper kids and Afrin?

Child-“Mom, my nose is stuffy”
Mother- “Have some (sniff) Afrin sweety, I’ve had some today too (Snifff)”

At the sight of Afrin, a kids face will light up as if they just found some Sunny Delight in the back of the fridge. Mom is happy and so are her kids. But all happy trips must come to an end. The crashing effects of Afrin are no different than many other “snorting” stimulants.  The withdrawals are terrible and it includes headaches, dry nasal passages, occasional bloody nose, depression, and a stuffier nose! Yes, your nose will feel more stuffed than the turkey you had on Thanksgiving. The picture to the left shows you basic details of cocaine and Afrin.

There are plenty of other addicts, just check out the final freeze frames of every video advertisement that Afrin has. See any faces that look like they have been on a cocaine sorting spree? You can find the videos here

So when your feeling like crap and need five hours of energy and then some, break out the trusty Afrin.  If you’re getting any thoughts of having an Afrin party, give me a call, actually dont, I finally kicked the habit. Don’t use Afrin? Good for you! Have a laugh at these sorry folks who were used as marketing testimonials.