For well over a year I have managed my companies blog and have succeeded in ranking high for valuable keywords. Depending on your content, one keyword may be more valuable to you than others. In less than 6 months, I managed to greatly increase my companies blog visibility while also generating some awesome Click Through Rates. Search Engine Optimization is not as complicated as others deem it to be. The people that do not understand SEO are the people who say it is confusing and time consuming. In fact, the opposite is true. With a few minutes a day, you can greatly augment your SEO with basic knowledge. This blog posting will focus on the basics to get you started and show you a few insights into analyzing your SEO data using Google Webmaster Tools.

First of all, what is your content all about?

Most bloggers tend to stick to niche topics, which is great, since you’ll tend to have a more concentrated keyword bank. When Google scans your page to judge its rank, it searches through your content for the keyword term that comes up the most. But that doesn’t mean you can fill your page with one keyword repeated over and over! Google’s crawler bots are much smarter than you think. My suggestion is to begin by analyzing the content you already have.  I did a quick visual Keyword Density Checker using Webconf’s free SEO tools. Keep in mind that I recently started this blog and don’t have much time to update it.

From the picture above, you’ll notice that some words are bolder and bigger than others. Those are the words most often mentioned in your blog. My most used keywords are Marketing, Social, Media, QR Codes, Afrin, and sadly Cocaine due to my awesome post on the similarities between Afrin and Cocaine, but anyway back to the SEO. It appears I am on track with the intent of my original goal to create a blog revolved around marketing and social media. I’m also branding myself very well too, notice “memrandom” in the keyword bank, even though it’s missing the Zero. I rarely mention that term!

One you see what your content is all about, it’s time to begin working on evolving those keywords. What do I mean by evolving? Take my “marketing” keyword for example. I should begin focusing on tangent terms, such as Direct Marketing, Marketing Strategies, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and so on. Why? Well, it is good to rank high for one keyword, but when you rank high for keywords that often link closely together, you cover much more ground, thus exposing your content even more to search engines. If you need help on finding tangent keywords, you can use Google’s Keyword Tool or Google Wonderwheel Advanced Search for a quick and dirty method. Below you’ll find my Keyword Tool results for the term “Marketing” It’s your choice if you’d like to tackle keywords with high or low competition. If your daring and are choosing the most competitive keywords, brace your self, because you will see your keyword rank drop and rise dramatically in Google Webmasters!

Now that your expanding your content to revolve around your tangent terms, you’ll need to begin tagging your content. It’s easy to do on WordPress, so kudos for you if your on WordPress! For other sites it may involve light HTML work, but it is nothing that you cant learn in a few minutes of practice. Tagging works great for your SEO. Think of it as a summary of your content for search engine bots. Work on developing great and useful content.

Track your results

To begin tracking your SEO stats, you’ll have to register your blog or website with Google’s Webmaster Tools. It’s super simple for WordPress blogs and you can pretty much run a search on how to do it, quickly and easily. If you own a domain outside of wordpress, all you have to do is upload a meta tag to your site that Google provides you with. Once that is done, make sure to verify your site with Google and your good to go. It may take a while before you begin seeing any results on Top Queries. One way to speed this up is to provide Webmasters with a Sitemap. You can create a Sitemap for free using any Sitemap creator or by submitting a URL of your RSS feed to Webmasters. I’ve had a friend send me a quick screen shot of his Top Queries. I’ve hidden the keywords for his privacy, but I’ll explain how to analyze this content. Below is a screen shot of top queries for a certain website, it’s Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Avg Position, and its estimated change for every column.

Definitions for understanding SEO data is provided, don’t worry!

Impressions: Number of times your search term popped up on Google.

Clicks: Number of clicks generated by the keyword, e.g., People click on “Marketing” which leads to your website/blog

CTR: Clicks that lead to further exploration of your content. For example, once someone has landed in your website, he/she continues to dig through your content

Average Position: Your rank on Google search for that specific keyword

Now that we can somewhat understand the data, its time to put it to good use. One keyword here stands out a lot, notably because it is the only one with a CTR. 150 Impressions with a CTR rate of 22% is really good and it shows, since the website really sticks to its niche topic, but they have yet to expand on its keywords. Considering that it is a highly competitive topic, an average position of 4.1 is great. What else can we analyze from this chart? The content you need to work on or tighten up. You can also use this to see what keywords  from your site are targeting search queries. If it is relevant to your content, you may want to begin adding more content for that keyword. If for any reason the keyword is irrelevant, consider a thorough check of your site/blog. You may have to clean up up a bit, or search for Malware. Most of the time, it comes from harmless comments on blogs, or anywhere others can post comments, opinions, feedback, and anything else that allows viewers to edit your page.

Everyone always asks me for help on increasing CTR. If you can link solid keywords from one page of your site/blog to another page of relevance page on your site/blog, you’ll begin to see an increase in CTR. This means that you really need to think about quality over quantity! Create eye catching phrases, pictures, or utilizing current buzz topics to your advantage. The more relevant, useful, and intriguing to your visitor the better your CTR will become!

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Got any Afrin laying around? If you need a mental boost, while also clearing up those clogged nasal passages, snort some Afrin. Yes, snort some Afrin! When you think of snorting anything, cocaine usually rings a bell, maybe even wasabi. But Afrin, how often do you hear of people snorting that?

Research  has shown that millions of Americans suffering from mild allergies, depend on Afrin to get through the daily grind.  Related research also shows that cocaine addicts rely on Afrin to give their sinuses some relief after a long night of “skiing on the slopes” The correlation is unexpected, but the addiction behavior is very similar. Take a look at the photo to the top right. This is directly from their advertisements. The ad portrays  “real people” that’s are desperate for an answer. So what?

The product description of Afrin fails to notify you of its addictiveness. Afrin users will tell you that they can not live without the product. Well, neither can cocaine addicts! The nasal decongestant also acts as a stimulant. Everyone user knows this, but no mom will admit that it does. Do you think the kids will admit it? Hell no, they dig that shit!

Choosy mom’s choose Jiff, others choose Afrin

It’s no wonder so many kids are diagnosed with ADHD. There may be a correlation between hyper kids and Afrin?

Child-“Mom, my nose is stuffy”
Mother- “Have some (sniff) Afrin sweety, I’ve had some today too (Snifff)”

At the sight of Afrin, a kids face will light up as if they just found some Sunny Delight in the back of the fridge. Mom is happy and so are her kids. But all happy trips must come to an end. The crashing effects of Afrin are no different than many other “snorting” stimulants.  The withdrawals are terrible and it includes headaches, dry nasal passages, occasional bloody nose, depression, and a stuffier nose! Yes, your nose will feel more stuffed than the turkey you had on Thanksgiving. The picture to the left shows you basic details of cocaine and Afrin.

There are plenty of other addicts, just check out the final freeze frames of every video advertisement that Afrin has. See any faces that look like they have been on a cocaine sorting spree? You can find the videos here

So when your feeling like crap and need five hours of energy and then some, break out the trusty Afrin.  If you’re getting any thoughts of having an Afrin party, give me a call, actually dont, I finally kicked the habit. Don’t use Afrin? Good for you! Have a laugh at these sorry folks who were used as marketing testimonials.

From the past to the present, social media has always been around. You may have not noticed, but your ancestors were all about social networking too. Your ancestors physically poked each others, sent out snail mail, and even Tweeted, but in a entirely different way. The only difference is that you have the privilege to embarrass yourself faster than ever thanks to technology. Ain’t that great? This post will examine the first “Tweet”

You have an account. Your mom has an account, and yes even your grandmother has a Facebook account. They are Tweeting, poking, and posting up viral videos that you cant believe a grandma would Digg. It’s easy to assume that no matter where you look, social media has become a daily part of everyone’s lives. Does anyone remember what life was like without socialmedia?

Modern times calls for digital measures

Your newborn child may already be a Youtube sensation! Although embarrassing and perhaps rude, many parents are filming their child’s birth and uploading the files to video sharing social networks. Face it kids, you lost your privacy way before you even knew you were out of the womb. Adding insult to injury, you were totally “in the nude” when born and you have no idea of the pedophiles checking you out! Parents, do yourself a favor and don’t be the reason your fetus gets “poked” in the digital realm. There have been cases of expecting mothers creating Facebook accounts for their children to be. So how can you get the word out about your newborn child without a computer?

The past

Smoke signals, the first social network to get your status out to your community faster than a rabbit gets fucked! These were the days where one wrong smoke plume looked like a drunk text. Smoke signaling was no joke and you had to have great smoking skills (Pun highly intended).  Can you imagine drunk smoke signaling? This would be one of the first times you’ll be literally and metaphorically “burned” Respect smoke signaling, because it was the first “Tweet” It took time, effort, and patience, but now it is easier than ever to make yourself look like a fool. If Phillip Morris tweeted this way for cigarettes, he would be marketing the amount he smoked!

QR codes for marketing

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What are those 2D pixel mazes on the edges of magazines pages, posters, and most recently your food? Those images are not there for you to navigate your pen through the maze, although it may be an adventurous and enjoyable task. Scan that code with your mobile phone!

Most new smart phones come fresh out of the oven with a QR code reader. Scanners are also available for free download, if you don’t have one. QR codes are the newest trend in getting a consumer more familiar with a brand and product. These codes can be seen as interactive, mysterious, and exciting, but many marketers still find the concept perplexing. QR codes will become new frontier for digital marketing and advertising, so get ready. Marketers who are not creative and daring will surely let this big fish slip through their hands.

QR codes already look mysterious; use curiosity to your advantage.

Marketers are always looking for a high ROI, but direct marketing strategies often yield low responses. Nobody likes SPAM, no matter how fancy it is made to look. What is a marketer to do? Social media is a perfect example of engaging a potential customer into an interactive experience. Take your tips from social media, people love to interact! Link your QR code to an individualized website, where viewers can get more information on your product. Include a discount, trailer, contest, free content, or a clue to where you can find the next QR code. Be creative. You can do a myriad of different things, but the overall strategy should be to have your visitors interact with you. QR codes are the bridge between the physical and digital world, so use it to your advantage.

Best example of a successful QR codes strategy

Recently, Activision’s “COD” fans got a chance to view the official trailer weeks before its release on Monday Night Football, 10/11/2010. All over NYC you can find Call of Duty “Black Op’s” posters, and in the middle of every poster is a QR Code. Have you ever seen a line of people waiting to look at a poster before? Not only did visitors get an exclusive look at the new video game, but they also received codes to enhance their multiplayer gaming. Isn’t great to be a loyal fan, or a new one? Activision has played their marketing cards right and are bathing in the rewarding results.

While QR codes are still in its infancy, many companies are looking to become pioneers of the trend. Social networks such as Foursquare and Twitters GeoTagging, has increased the visibility of these QR codes. If you don’t stumble upon a QR code on your own, a friend will most likely point you to one. Even if you’re mobile phone is not capable of handling a scanning application, you will usually find URL’s right below the QR code. We have our own ideas for the use of these codes, what will yours be?


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I must be a number, but not sure which. So many users a day are creating blogs and I joined the fun. Whether I am number 1,000,000 or higher, I’ll type with just as many words. Why not start with one word? Better yet, one letter! From the next blog entry on, you only get words from one person. I.