QR codes for marketing

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Marketing
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What are those 2D pixel mazes on the edges of magazines pages, posters, and most recently your food? Those images are not there for you to navigate your pen through the maze, although it may be an adventurous and enjoyable task. Scan that code with your mobile phone!

Most new smart phones come fresh out of the oven with a QR code reader. Scanners are also available for free download, if you don’t have one. QR codes are the newest trend in getting a consumer more familiar with a brand and product. These codes can be seen as interactive, mysterious, and exciting, but many marketers still find the concept perplexing. QR codes will become new frontier for digital marketing and advertising, so get ready. Marketers who are not creative and daring will surely let this big fish slip through their hands.

QR codes already look mysterious; use curiosity to your advantage.

Marketers are always looking for a high ROI, but direct marketing strategies often yield low responses. Nobody likes SPAM, no matter how fancy it is made to look. What is a marketer to do? Social media is a perfect example of engaging a potential customer into an interactive experience. Take your tips from social media, people love to interact! Link your QR code to an individualized website, where viewers can get more information on your product. Include a discount, trailer, contest, free content, or a clue to where you can find the next QR code. Be creative. You can do a myriad of different things, but the overall strategy should be to have your visitors interact with you. QR codes are the bridge between the physical and digital world, so use it to your advantage.

Best example of a successful QR codes strategy

Recently, Activision’s “COD” fans got a chance to view the official trailer weeks before its release on Monday Night Football, 10/11/2010. All over NYC you can find Call of Duty “Black Op’s” posters, and in the middle of every poster is a QR Code. Have you ever seen a line of people waiting to look at a poster before? Not only did visitors get an exclusive look at the new video game, but they also received codes to enhance their multiplayer gaming. Isn’t great to be a loyal fan, or a new one? Activision has played their marketing cards right and are bathing in the rewarding results.

While QR codes are still in its infancy, many companies are looking to become pioneers of the trend. Social networks such as Foursquare and Twitters GeoTagging, has increased the visibility of these QR codes. If you don’t stumble upon a QR code on your own, a friend will most likely point you to one. Even if you’re mobile phone is not capable of handling a scanning application, you will usually find URL’s right below the QR code. We have our own ideas for the use of these codes, what will yours be?

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