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From the past to the present, social media has always been around. You may have not noticed, but your ancestors were all about social networking too. Your ancestors physically poked each others, sent out snail mail, and even Tweeted, but in a entirely different way. The only difference is that you have the privilege to embarrass yourself faster than ever thanks to technology. Ain’t that great? This post will examine the first “Tweet”

You have an account. Your mom has an account, and yes even your grandmother has a Facebook account. They are Tweeting, poking, and posting up viral videos that you cant believe a grandma would Digg. It’s easy to assume that no matter where you look, social media has become a daily part of everyone’s lives. Does anyone remember what life was like without socialmedia?

Modern times calls for digital measures

Your newborn child may already be a Youtube sensation! Although embarrassing and perhaps rude, many parents are filming their child’s birth and uploading the files to video sharing social networks. Face it kids, you lost your privacy way before you even knew you were out of the womb. Adding insult to injury, you were totally “in the nude” when born and you have no idea of the pedophiles checking you out! Parents, do yourself a favor and don’t be the reason your fetus gets “poked” in the digital realm. There have been cases of expecting mothers creating Facebook accounts for their children to be. So how can you get the word out about your newborn child without a computer?

The past

Smoke signals, the first social network to get your status out to your community faster than a rabbit gets fucked! These were the days where one wrong smoke plume looked like a drunk text. Smoke signaling was no joke and you had to have great smoking skills (Pun highly intended).  Can you imagine drunk smoke signaling? This would be one of the first times you’ll be literally and metaphorically “burned” Respect smoke signaling, because it was the first “Tweet” It took time, effort, and patience, but now it is easier than ever to make yourself look like a fool. If Phillip Morris tweeted this way for cigarettes, he would be marketing the amount he smoked!